Unisex Prep Division
Muscatine "Encore"
Holmen High School (WI) "Midwest Magic"
Mixed Prep Division
Davenport West "This Just In!"
2A Division
Hudson "First Edition"
MFL MarMac "Young Americans"
3A Division
West Liberty "Voices Unlimited"
4A/Open Class Division

Muscatine "River City Rhythym"

Davenport West "West Connection"

Holmen High School (WI) "Midwest Express"

Walkin' Trail  - 2009

My debut album, recorded under the watchful eye of legendary...

Middle School Prep Division
Vernon "Voltage"

Harding "Neo Voce"

Middle School Open Class
Oak Ridge "Ovation"

Bettendorf "Reverberation"

Benton "Illusions"

Franklin Middle School "Illumination"

Walcott "The Panther Prowl"

Harding "Neo Classic"

Roosevelt Middle School "Regeneration"

Regis Middle School "Radiance"
Excelsior "Double Time"

Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School "Ignite"
Vernon Middle School "Velocity"

Welcome to all Performers

Host School Performers:  Marion High School

Up Against It - 2011

I wasn't expecting to release "Up" so quickly, but that's what...